Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Wild turkeys gobble up suburbs
Wild turkeys became extinct in Connecticut in 1813. In 1975 the birds was reintroduced and some residents of rural towns began to feed them and they lose their fear of humans.
Some species adapt to suburban life, while others do not. As a result, both of these species feeding the turkeys, they would not be.


I have got a small dog, her name is "Cata". She is seven years old, and it is a duschund. Her colour is brown and she is very small.
To look after "Cata", I feed her every day, and I wash her once a week. Also, I give her love and affect and play on the garden of my house on sunny days.

Many people seem to look for rxotic animals to keep as pets. I wonder wheather this should be allowed.
Fistrly, they can be instructed by professionals, so they can learn to make different activities. Secondly, the animals are protected by owners, because people feed and clean them. Finally, to favour the busines because the sellers earn a lot of money.
On the other han, this practise increases the extinction of exotic animals because they can not reproduce. Also, animals do not live in natural conditions, for example, they soil the houses. Finally, animals are badly treted bccause they do not keep the house clean and destroy pieces of furniture.
I think that people should not be allowed to keep exotic animals are badly treted because they are not able to take care of them, and animals can not be reproduce.

Monday, May 29, 2006


My name is Martin, I have got two brothers, Pablo and Ezequiel. Ezequiel is 26 years old, and Pablo is 17 . My father is called Ricardo, he’s 52.
I’m 15 years and my birthday is on December 14. My favourite rock band are Los Piojos. I like reading books and novels and I like chatting.
This year I’m going to new school, this is a Matulaitis. It’s a very big school.